One of the most important parts of the meeting is your “60 second” slot. This is the part of the meeting where each member gets the chance to stand up and tell everyone in the room a little bit about their business. You can ask for specific referrals or just relay any information that can help your fellow members to generate you more business. It can seem daunting when you first start but with a little practice you will gain confidence and see great results.

60 seconds might not seem like a long time to get your message over but if can be used very effectively if you stick to the system developed by BNI. This system can also be used outside BNI to great effect, in real-life networking situations, where you will be able to give an instant and concise account of what you do.

  • Introduction (18 seconds)

    Clearly state your name and company name, and an quick one-line overview of the  products and services you supply. Explain what type of business or clients you currently have.

  • Tell a Story (20 seconds)

    What makes you different from your competition? What have you been doing for the last week? Funny stories or memorable incidents work well.

  • Ask for the Business (10 seconds)

    “The perfect referral for me this week would be..” (Be very specific, giving an actual contact or company name where possible.)

  • Call to Action (5 seconds)

    “So if you see/hear/know of…please give him/her my card.”

  • Memory Hook (7 seconds)

    State your memory hook or strapline, then conclude with your name and company.

And that’s it! You don’t need to worry, fret or stress for hours over your 60 seconds. Just have a couple of good ideas, ask for a specific referral and, above all, relax!