A Structured Meeting For Maximum Effect

One of the things that most BNI members like is the fact that every BNI meeting follows a structured agenda. If you aren’t familiar with this kind of networking then it might seem a bit rigid at first, but it has constantly proved to be the single most effective way of ensuring that seasoned members and new visitors alike get the maximum benefit from their early morning start.

Kind of like staying in a Holiday Inn, this consistency means that no matter where in the world you find yourself attending a BNI meeting, you will be able to follow exactly what is going on and get the most from your time there. However, while the format may be fixed (generating business is always at the top of our agenda) you will find that BNI Bravo meetings are anything but boring!! We believe that business should be fun as well as rewarding, and our meetings always leave plenty of scope for everyone to enjoy themselves. Our meetings are an exhilarating start to the day’s business!

The meetings take place every THURSDAY morning and start at 7:00am sharp but some members like to arrive earlier than this to maximise their networking opportunities. After the meeting, you are free to enjoy a hearty breakfast and, again, enjoy more networking opportunities in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

  • Open Networking

    Grab a coffee and make some contacts with 15 minutes of open networking before the meeting commences.

  • Meeting Opens

    The meeting is formally opened and the leadership team introduced.

  • An Overview Of BNI

    An overview of BNI – how it works, what it offers and how you can benefit from it.

  • Education Slot

    An informative talk, lasting about 4 minutes, presented by an existing member about topics related to helping you get more from your BNI membership.

  • Pass Business Cards

    The business card box is passed around for members to top up their stock.

  • Members 60 Seconds

    Each member has 60 seconds to instruct, inform and entertain fellow members and guests about what they do and which contacts they would like to make.

  • Introduce Visitors

    Members introduce their visitors and give them a chance to tell the room about their business.

  • Membership Coordinators Report

    Stats and updates on the Chapter’s membership and performance.

  • Speakers Rota

    The speakers for the next 4 weeks are announced and today’s main speaker introduced.

  • 10 Minute Speakers Slot

    A 10 minute speaking slot in which a member has a chance to give a detailed presentation about their business.

  • Pass Referrals

    The most important part of the meeting. Members pass referrals and inform us of what they have contributed to the Chapter over the past week.

  • Treasurers Report

    A short run down of how members can join and what BNI can do for them.

  • Announcements

    Social events, chapter and BNI information and any other business.

  • Door Prize Awarded

    Awarded to a member chosen at random who has passed a referral or brought visitors.

  • Close Meeting

    The meeting is formally brought to a close.

  • Breakfast

    A chance to network over a wonderful cooked breakfast before heading out to face the days business.