Business Synergy in BNI

Welcome to this weeks Education slot – courtesy of Mark LeHuray of Simblox Technologies. The subject of this weeks slot was something that we might not always appreciate the value of but we all benefit from it  business synergy. Here’s what Mark had to say.

When I was asked if I would do an education slot I said “no problem what would you like the topic to be”? When the answer was  business synergy I had to double check what he meant as I couldn’t see how that relates to BNI but when it was explained to me it all made sense.


So in terms of BNI what is business synergy?


There are many different types of business in the room but none of us compete with each other.  In most cases there will be natural links between them. So for me it’s relatively easy for Fiona, Dave, Matt, Derek, Colin and myself to help each other as we are all working in a similar environment. All of our customers are likely to also need the services of the the others. We have the same with Gary, Kevin and Gareth etc


This is great for BNI as it makes it easier for us to refer to each other, but there is more to it than that as a group of similar businesses can form what’s called a powerteam. The members of the power team meet regularly outwith the normal BNI meeting to actively work as a team to generate work for each other and this has the potential to be very powerful. Especially when as a team you can pitch for and get work that as separate businesses you would have no chance at.


I don’t believe there are any power teams in Bravo at the moment but for me it’s something I would certainly be willing to explore.


There is however a danger to this and its one that I am guilty of as it is all too easy to concentrate on dealing with the people you are most likely to work closely with and forget about everyone else. So although I have been a member since May I still haven’t had a 121 with Gareth or Kevin, not because I don’t want to but because their world is so different from mine. However for all I know my next best customer may be someone they know very well.


So to summarize there are always going to be business synergies between different BNI members and when operating as a team can be very powerful. However don’t get a blinkered view on the world make sure you take the time to help everyone who is a member.