The Importance of Subs

This weeks education slot was on the subject of the importance of having a substitute at the weekly meetings. It was written and delivered by our very own Sec/Treasurer Pam Cradock and, as always, featured some great information for BNI members.

So why do you need a sub?

Well because if I am not able to be here and do not have a representative or sub. I might miss the visitor who happens to be best friends with that contact I have been asking for, for the last three weeks.

What if next weeks’ guest was invited along by one of our members who specifically wanted to meet me and learn more about my business and I am not there to talk about my business?

What if one of the member’s has been working hard to get me a referral for next week and is so pleased that they have managed to get me an introduction……but I am not there and I am not represented?

All of these things might happen and because I didn’t bother to get a sub I missed out.

Also you will never know all the people your sub might know and one of your fellow members might be looking for an introduction.

So what should we be doing to ensure we have a sub?

Sub for other members at other chapters – this is a brilliant way to meet even more like minded people and because you are subbing for the member and not representing your business, that might already be represented in that chapter, there is no issue about treading on toes. Also subbing for other members means that they are likely to want to return the favour.

Look for your perfect “Sub Buddy” – they might be a client, maybe someone who supplies your business; bring them along to a meeting as a guest or even better a visitor. Find someone reliable and you more than happy to represent your business.

Look after your Sub – prepare them, about what to expect, how the meeting will run, write your 60 seconds in advance for them to read out and try to find them a contribution to read out on the day. They won’t feel embarrassed that they have nothing to contribute on your behalf.

Inform your Visitors Hosts – let them know who your sub is and expect them.

After all that, you can rest assured that you and your business are being well represented.